Law Firm of Edita Ivanauskiene EiiP, established in Vilnius in 2013, strives to be a helpful and cost-effective problem solver in IP and related matters in Lithuania, no matter what size the client is. EiiP sees what the client needs, advises the client on what he does not see – every single piece of information for bringing value to the client.

Edita Ivanauskiene, Attorney at Law and Patent attorney, has been working in the field of intellectual property law and related fields (adverting, privacy law, compliance, etc.) almost for twenty years. She gained her expertise while working at the Copyright Division in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, representing the interests of the Republic of Lithuania in the EU, WIPO and other organisations from 1999 to 2006, as well as consulting and representing the clients from different industries (pharmacy, tobacco, telecommunication, online shopping, entertainment industries, etc.) while working in several Lithuania law firms from 2006 to 2013.

Why is it worth to choose EiiP?

  • Long-term experience in the field of intellectual property law starting from preparation of proposals for new legal acts and ending with implementation and enforcement of intellectual property rights before the court. Edita Ivanauskiene is known as one of the best litigators in intellectual property disputes and is among the authorities in the field of copyright and related rights in Lithuania.
  • Success in enforcing the clients’ rights. Edita Ivanauskiene managed to achieve that for the first time in Lithuania‘s history monetary damages were remedied to the trademark owner and the copyright owner in criminal cases, solid compensations to the represented software producers after making the infringer to settle or after the ruling of the courts have been gained. Edita Ivanauskiene also provided legal support to Lithuania and worldwide known entertainment companies in relation to production of the film “Chernobyl,” successfully represented in court another worldwide known entertainment company against the importer of counterfeited goods with a solid license fee adjudged.
  • Affordable services. EiiP aims to make its services accessible to everyone who understands the value of intellectual property.