EiiP has long-standing experience in solving civil, commercial and administrative disputes in Lithuania, representing clients in criminal proceedings related to infringement of intellectual property rights.

If it is in the client’s best interest, EiiP will always strive to solve the dispute out of court.


Edita Ivanauskiene is a recommended arbitrator in intellectual property disputes at the Lithuania Arbitration Court, please see https://arbitrazoteismas.lt/en/. She is also available for nominations as sole arbitrator or co-arbitrators when the dispute is settled through any other institutional arbitration or ad hoc arbitration.

EiiP may also represent the clients before arbitration tribunals, may assist in recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.


Edita Ivanauskiene has considerable experience in the area of collective administration of copyright and related rights. As a member of Lithuania Commission of Copyright and Related Rights she is available for election as a mediator in negotiations and disputes between users and collective administration societies regarding licensing agreements to use collectively administered works and/or objects of related rights and/or fixing remuneration rates; in negotiations and disputes relating to restrictions on the application of technical protection measures, please see https://e-seimas.lrs.lt/portal/legalAct/lt/TAD/11210b32e7f911e6be918a531b2126ab

She is also available for nominations as sole mediator or co-mediators in other type of IP related or commercial disputes when the disputes are settled through mediation.