Intellectual Property

EiiP advises on the protection of trademarks, designs, inventions, copyright, related rights, domain names and assists in the registration procedures of trademarks, designs, patents or domain names in Lithuania, the EU and any other country or region.

EiiP will prepare and file national, international or regional applications for clients and represent them before the Lithuania State Patent Bureau, EUIPO, WIPO IB or in court if necessary. EiiP also assists in renewal  of validity and transfer of IP objects.

EiiP has reliable partners abroad and will assist in providing IP services  in any country, if such necessity arises.


With regard to long-term experience gained in the field of copyright and related rights EiiP will provide the clients with higly qualified legal advice on protection of authors‘, performers‘, phonogram producers‘, film producers‘, broadcasting organisations‘, database producer‘ rights. EiiP drafts  the necessary documents and agreements, takes part in negotiations, drafts and files civil claims or other procedural documents in civil, administrative or criminal cases and represents the clients in court.


EiiP provides different kind of services needed to protect trademarks, including but not limited to:

  • conducting trademark searches, providing trademark availability reports, and suggesting trademark registration solutions;
  • preparing and filing  trademark applications;
  • representing clients before the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania, EUIPO in appeal, opposition and cancelation procedures and in court.

We also advise on trademark licensing, usage and many other questions.


EiiP provides different kind of services needed to protect designs: preparing and filing design applications needed to register a design nationally, internationally or as a Community design. EiiP is also capable of preparing documents and agreements needed to sell the design or to issue a licence, taking part in negotiations, filling civil claims, representing in court and before the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania or EUIPO in appeal, opposition or cancelation procedures.


EiiP may help you to prepare and file patent applications nationally, internationally or as a European patent, to extend your European patent in Lithuania and to renew the validity period of the patent. EiiP lawyers will advise you on licensing, usage of the patents or even represent you in court.


EiiP may assist you in registration procedures of domain names, take part in negotiations or represent you in court if dispute arises.


EiiP has accumulated a lot of experience while representing authors, trademark, domain name, design or patent holders in court and may assist you in any kind of dispute related to intellectual property.